Saturday, January 18, 2014

Include Irrigation Installation in Virginia Beach Landscaping Projects

Having a beautiful garden is truly a satisfying feat, especially for homeowners who have put a lot of thought in their Virginia Beach landscaping project. However, the landscaping does not end merely by seeing desired result because the garden may start changing not only in time, but as the season changes. If the garden is not well-maintained, then the plants will wither and other decorative elements may start losing their appeal as well.

While the solution is simple, maintenance is not always an easy task and not everyone has the time required to make sure each and every aspect of the garden is still in a perfect state. An article in Better Homes and Gardens explains how to have low maintenance backyards, and one of the advice it offers is having an irrigation system.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Landscapers in Virginia Beach Improve Garden Using Rocks and Stones

When landscapers in Virginia Beach and in other places use stones and rocks to design outdoor spaces, it is called hardscaping. There are many types of stones that can be used when decorating a garden to make a pathway, adding design elements, or adding a structure. In choosing the kinds of stones to use, homeowners should be made aware of each material’s performance so they will know how it will affect the overall look of their space, as well as how long they can enjoy the landscaping as is. Aside from using rocks and stones, hardscaping also involves the use of other inanimate elements in landscaping.

High quality limestone, for instance, work well on walls or floors due to its strength and high wear resistance. The luminescent and durable quartzite can also be used to landscape a Virginia Beach garden by decorating pieces on flower beds or paths. Another durable material that is nonporous is granite which is often used as accent boulders, and gravel as well.